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This application is intended to support automated trading against the IB API provided by It requires an installation of TWS.
The current UI provides some basic charts and supports a view algos
  • SwingTrader
  • TrendFollower
and some basic indicators
  • SMA
  • EMA
  • DEMA
  • MACD
  • TEMA
  • TRIX
  • WMA
It allows also collecting of historical as well as daily tick data to run your backlog checks first.

The complete list of indicators (ADL, ADX, ATR, CandleStick, CandleStickPattern, CCI, CMF, DPO, ForceIndex, HeikinAshi, MFI, OBV, ParabolicSAR, PivotPoints, Ultimate, VWAP, BollingerBand, BollingerBandB, KeltnerChannel, Aroon, ChaikinOszillator, PPO, PVO, ROC, RSI, Stochastic, StochRSI, Volatility, William) as well as some individual charting elements are currently supported in code only.

Please let me know what you think. Based on your feedback I plan to extend the application, as far as my spare time allows.

Use this application at your own risk. Please be aware that I can't guarantee the correctness of this application in any way.

This application is not affiliated with Interactive Brokers, Interactive Brokers Group Inc's or any other department of IB LLC or IBG LLC.


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